Communities Feature


Community members will be able to create, join and be invited to participate in communities. These communities are equivalent to groups that have members with specific roles, skills and capabilities. The community can be tied to current and historical activities and work efforts that existed within the organization.
Communities will enable users to investigate the background and track record of their associates in terms of experiences, roles and skills that were used as part of a community. The community in and of itself will have key metadata that describes the work effort, date and scope of the effort and the participants.
Users will be able to easily browse an associates community history and get an understanding of the types of work they have been doing, apply to join the same community and managers and team building groups can get a history and understanding of an associates capabilities and track record as part of a community.
Communities can have events, discussion threads/forums, photos and other interaction-based features that exist outside of the community execution.
Closed Sep 24, 2009 at 5:48 PM by BrendonSchwartz
Bryan has completed the Communities features for SNE Alpha.