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Social Networking Project Description

"Social Networking" is a social networking community concept built on the properties of recreational social networking. In this model, the self-sustaining community aspects of popular social networking sites are engineered into an enterprise-ready community eco-system. This community software, built on Office SharePoint Server 2007 is designed to involve community members in a knowledge sharing and update-driven, notification environment where users create and extend relationships mined from existing Office SharePoint Server 2007 user profiles. The extension of elements like site membership, colleagues and event/activity-based feeds and notifications represent an immediate ability for teams and organizations to create an instance-based community. Within these communities, relationships can give rise to social discovery and synergy in the workplace.


The inital work for the project is just getting under way, please let us know if you want to help on this project.
Currently planned release SNE Alpha

CKS Project Description

The Community Kit for SharePoint is a set of editions, components, tools and recommended documentation for SharePoint development. You are currently viewing the edition project site for the Social Networking Edition. To learn about the other editions and components you can go to
For the latest version of the CKS charter document, click here.

IMPORTANT: Please note that the Community Kit for SharePoint is not officially maintained or supported by Microsoft. Support for this edition is provided only via the discussion forum associated with this edition.

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